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eliza weisman

Welcome to Eliza’s HyperText page — on the World Wide Web!

On this World Wide Web site, you can find things I’ve written, talks I’ve presented, software I’ve worked on, and HyperLinks to places you can find me on other parts of the Web.

About Me

I’m a programmer, a computer enthusiast, an occasional artist, and a “neural oscillator of uncertain significance”, operating out of the San Francisco Exclusion Zone. I like writing the kind of software a lot of people don’t think about too often these days: low-level systems software, operating systems, and infrastructure.

Professionally, I’m writing software for the cloud computer at Oxide Computer Company. Previously, I worked on open source networking infrastructure for cloud-native applications at buoyant.io.

Outside of work, I like running, being outside, cooking, and writing weirder, less useful software.


Here are some of the main things I’m working on:

Assorted Rust Crates

In addition, I’ve written a number of smaller Rust libraries, including:

You can see a full list of crates I’ve published here.


A few other corners of the Internet where you can find me include: