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eliza weisman


I’m a programmer and occasional artist, based in California. I like writing the kind of software a lot of people don’t think about that often these days: low-level systems software and infrastructure.

I’m currently working on open source networking infrastructure for cloud-native applications at buoyant.io.


The main projects I’m currently working on include:

  • mnemOS: A hobby operating system for small computers (website|github)

    I’ve been spending a lot of my free time on mnemOS, a joint project with my friend James Munns and a few other folks we’ve managed to rope into hacking on it with us. MnemOS is a hobby-grade, experimental operating system for small computers (and bigger ones, too). It’s turned into a really fun playground for experimenting with OS design, borrowing some ideas from microkernel operating systems as well as the Erlang runtime.

  • tracing: Application-level tracing for Rust (crates.io|github)

    I’m the author and primary maintainer of tracing, a collection of libraries for adding structured, contextual, and async-aware diagnostic instrumentation to Rust programs. tracing and its ecosystem of crates allow collecting structured, machine-readable execution traces from user-defined instrumentation points in Rust programs. This data can be used to generate logs, distributed traces, metrics, and more.

    tracing is part of the Tokio project.

  • tokio: Rust’s async runtime (website|crates.io|github)

    I’m a member of the core maintainer team for Tokio, the pre-eminent asynchronous runtime for the Rust programming language. Tokio provides core primitives for asynchronous, event-driven applications, like async IO, timers, a task scheduler, and synchronization primitives.

  • linkerd: Service mesh for Kubernetes (website|github)

    I’m one of the core maintainers of Linkerd 2’s high performance proxy. Linkerd is a service mesh for Kubernetes: an infrastructure layer for distributed applications consisting of lightweight Layer 7 proxies that provide security, observability, and reliability for communication between services, and a control plane for managing them.

  • tokio-console: A debugger for async Rust (github)

    I’m the primary maintainer of the the Tokio Console project. The Tokio Console provides a suite of debugging tools for asynchronous Rust applications, built on top of tracing.

    tokio-console is part of the Tokio project.

  • mycelium: A very silly operating system (github)

    In my Copious Free Time, I’m working on writing a hobby operating system, called mycelium. It runs on x86_64, and executes user programs as WebAssembly modules…or at least, it will, some day. Right now it mostly just prints “hello world” and crashes a lot.




  • e-mail: eliza (AT) elizas (DOT) website
  • address & telephone number available by request

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