For Art-Partment 2017, I collaborated with Dave Ambroso to create Upstairs, an interactive installation. Upstairs uses interactive elements, light, and sound to transform commonplace objects and spaces into a surreal experience. As an individual moves throughout the space in which the piece is installed, objects in the room sense and...

Blood Ritual No. 1

Blood Ritual No. 1 is a short film which borrows the aesthetic language of kitsch horror cinema to explore themes of ritual, mental illness, and personal growth and transformation.

Objects Recovered From Site D

Objects Recovered From Site D is a short electronic book. All of the objects appearing in the book were recovered by the artist during her expeditions to Site D in September of 2015.

A Series of Revelations

A Series of Revelations Upon Viewing Schematics for the TOPAZ-II Atomic Pile on January 16th, 2016 is a series of three digital collages which respond to the concept of the anthropocene epoch.


Teleritual, the Type 32 Etheric Resonance Unit, is a technology-assisted ritual object which enables human interaction through atypical channels. It may alternatively be seen as an interactive artwork, a communication device, or a mystical item.

Water of Life

Water is life: all Earthly organisms rely on water. Water is death: it drowns, floods, washes away. Water is life: even the purest water teems with untold millions of invisible microörganisms, many of which are necessary to human survival. Water is death: just as many of these organisms are deadly....

The Faerie Queen

The Faerie Queen is a short film created in collaboration with Audrey Trotta and Amanda Fallon. Also featuring the performances of Catherine LeBlanc and Gene Frank. Music arranged and performed by Audrey Trotta.

Small Engine Maintenance & Repair

Small Engine Maintenance and Repair is a short film dealing with the futility of human artifice, the nature of self-destructive behaviour, and the inevitability of death – with tongue placed firmly in cheek.